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3 Offer Mistakes On Your St. Louis Home Purchase

Making an offer on your dream home is supposed to be an awesome moment.  You’re telling them that you’re willing to buy that home and you’re ready to be a homeowner, maybe for the first time.  However, there are many things that can trip up your offer and set you on the course to not end up there.  If you avoid these 3 common offer mistakes on your St. Louis home purchase you can increase your chances of snagging that great deal and moving in this summer!

3 Offer Mistakes On Your St. Louis Home Purchase

Don’t Lowball

A lowball offer is bad in multiple ways.  First, it can be insulting.  Telling someone that their home isn’t worth what they’re asking can feel like an indictment on them as a homeowner, and make them less willing to work with you on the sale.  You can also lose out on the house, as in this market, houses are getting offers sight-unseen for purchase.  A lowball offer won’t cut it right now in a seller’s market.

Use a Legitimate Lender

When you’re buying a house, any realtor worth their commission will help you find a great lender to work with.  If you use a lender that nobody’s ever heard of, you can spook the seller.  It can also hurt you because untrustworthy lenders can lose paperwork, not finish your applications in time, or any manner of other ways to blow your sale.    This can really hurt you in the run-up to the sale.

Move Swiftly, Don’t Hurry

There’s a difference between doing things quickly and doing things in a hurry.  Working quickly means getting paperwork quickly, making an offer when you’re ready, setting inspection appointments promptly and working ahead to anticipate problems.  Hurrying means: misspelled or incorrect paperwork, failed inspections, and making a poorly thought-out offer, potentially losing out on the home.  Take the time to do it right, but do it right away.

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