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3 Ways to Wow Home Shoppers on Your Home Sale

Every home buyer has something that really pushes them to buy that home.  There’s a certain feature that draws in the buyer and shows them that this is the home that they want to move into.  Here is where they want to live.  Here are 3 ways to wow home shoppers on your home sale.

Punch Up the Front Door

Your front door is the first thing they see.  They’re standing there waiting for you to open the door, why not make it special?  Try painting the front door a fun color, or staining it with an interesting but appropriate color to catch the eye of a buyer who has seen 100 white doors so far.  You can really wow people with something different with a little bit of work.

Open Up the House

So, it’s not feasible to put in cathedral ceilings in your living room if they weren’t there before.  We get that.  But you can give the appearance of an open area with some white paint.  You can also move some art lower, or move a window to a position that catches light to make the room seem brighter.  Window coverings can make the room seem smaller, so take them down if you are worried about the size issue.

Stand Apart

Don’t leave your home with the same color scheme as every other house in the neighborhood. Be bold and give the home an appropriate but standout color that will help catch the eye of a buyer.  Even if your home is structurally the same as the others in the neighborhood, you can make sure that you stand out by painting the trim, or adding some flowers, or replacing the house numbers.  Don’t let your home blend in!  Wow home shoppers with your creativity!

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