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5 Things To Put Away Before The Open House

When you invite people into your home, you want to put your best foot forward.  It’s a time to show your home for the gem it is, not let the flaws in your home overshadow the good.  Here are a list of 5 things to get out of the house before the open house, because they can ruin the sale.

  1. Roach Motels or Fly Strips

We all get bugs.  It happens no matter how clean your house is, they find a way in.  However, no prospective home buyer wants to think about that.  Seeing dead bugs and the causes of said dead bugs are not appealing to buyers, get rid of them.

  1. Taxidermy

We know, you’re proud of the 12 point buck you shot, but they can really turn off buyers.  If you have an animal lover, they aren’t going to be impressed.  It’s easier to take your stuffed animals down and in storage during the sale than to push away prospective buyers.

  1. Odd Collectables

Do you collect old dolls, or action figures, or baseball cards, or Hello Kitty stuff. Or anything that you have a huge collection of?  PUT IT AWAY.  You don’t want to creep someone out with your collection, and that can color their impression of a home.

  1. Guns and Weapons

Your shotgun collection and hunting rifles don’t impress every buyer, and can make them wonder why you felt the need to own guns in the area or what is wrong with the house in the first place.  Also, why you feel the need to keep guns out in the open instead of locked in a safe.

  1. Political Stuff

Nobody wants to know what political affiliation their seller has.  Finding out can only hurt the prospects for a sale.  No matter which way you lean, put it away when people look at your house.

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