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Always Get a Home Inspection When Buying a Home

We get it.  You think you can put together a stronger, more attractive offer if you skip the home inspection.  You may be right!  However, it does you no good to win a house auction and then watch your new home collapse on you because you didn’t have anyone look at the foundation.  It’s not a lot of fun to buy a home and then turn around and out a new air-conditioner in it 3 months later because you didn’t have anyone look at it.  You should always get a home inspection when buying a home.

It’s not just these things, though.  A good home inspector will show you things that you need to know and help you understand things about your home.  You will learn where the fuse box is, what that weird radon contraption does, how to check your furnace or light the pilot light.  Some homeowners already know these things, certainly, but many first-time homeowners can cut down on the guesswork or YouTube-ing answers by just asking the professional when they come to your home.

You’re not going to be able to spot asbestos, or see termites eating the foundation, or where your pipes will leak.  When you don’t it’s YOUR responsibility to fix them, and that will cost you money.  Even if you are in a bidding war, don’t lose sight of the whole point of buying a home.  If you skip the inspection to win the bid, but move into a lemon of a house, you have nobody to blame but yourself.

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