As a buyer, how should you prepare for a home inspection? – Rick & Tracy Ellis

As a buyer, how should you prepare for a home inspection?

As a buyer, how should you prepare for a home inspection

The Rick & Tracy Ellis Team try to prepare our buyers for the inspection by helping them understand the inspection process and how to maintain perspective.  Home inspectors are generalists who have a wide range of knowledge that allows them to evaluate the readily accessible systems and components of a home, and having a home inspection enables clients to make informed decisions with confidence.  We’ve found some buyers are more comfortable when their agent attends an inspection with them, thinking that the agent may be able to assist as well.  As Realtors, we aren’t inspectors, although we’ve seen and heard a lot, the time is better spent directly with your inspector.  It’s important for the buyer to learn as much as they can about the home directly from the inspector, they’ll point out many things that could come in handy during an emergency such as the location of the main water shut off.  If your Realtor hasn’t previously used the inspector you select, I’d suggest your Realtor is also present during the inspection.  Every inspector does things differently and having your Realtor present will also allow him/her to assist with any unexpected issues and to see how the inspector delivers the report.  As a buyer, remember inspection time is for you and the inspector, this isn’t the time to bring additional family members to tour the home.  It’s important that the inspector can move freely and talk with you and answer any questions.

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