Buying / Selling a home should be something you always remember.

Buying / Selling A Home

Buying / Selling a home should be something you always remember.

Buying / Selling:  sometimes it turns into a roller coaster ride that you can’t wait to get off of.

When you’re buying and selling real estate by yourself, or without a Realtor, you probably feel like you’re doing an excellent job. Chances are you’re using all the information at your fingertips whether that means searching homes for sale online or putting that for sale by owner sign in your yard! Either way, you are 100% committed to saving on the commissions you would normally have to pay to a realtor. In most cases an experienced Realtor will save you more money than you’ll save by not paying a commission.

When you eventually find a home, or sell yours, without an Agent you’ll have that ‘look, I did it all by myself’ feeling. It’s admirable, and then it hits you… what contract do I use? What paperwork is there? Once I go under contract what happens next? Are the negotiations in my favor? What are the legal ramifications if I fill out paperwork incorrectly? Who do I send this to? What’s next? How do I prepare for inspections? What’s loan commitment?

Keep in mind in most cases you could’ve saved more money by hiring a Realtor to buy and sell your home.

Does Experience Matter? Would you trust a Realtor to do your job?… I wouldn’t. Experience does matter!

How will you advertise your home? What should you remove from your home or add? How do you accurately determine pricing?

We’re blessed, we’ve represented some amazing clients…..Doctors, Lawyers, Car Salespeople, Recruiters, NFL Players, NHL Players and the list goes on. There is a zero percent chance I would be better at their job than they are. They are experts in their professions, and well trained.

When you’re Buying / Selling homes, hundreds of thousands of dollars are at stake. A few percentage points equate to tens of thousands of dollars, and if you’re the buyer, a fraction of a percentage point on interest rates does the same!

As an experienced Realtor, my team are experts who are there to hold your hand when buying and selling homes. It should be obvious to you that working with a Realtor is the best decision, our clients certainly feel that way. Please call a member of The Rick and Tracy Ellis Team at 636-299-3702 and EXPERIENCE the DIFFERENCE!

Call Rick or Tracy Ellis if you’re thinking of buying or selling a home at 636-299-3702.

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