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The First 3 Things To Fix When Selling Your St. Louis Home

When you want to sell your home, it can seem overwhelming.  There is so much to do that you can be paralyzed by the work.  Well, there’s always a place to start.  Here are the first 3 things to fix when selling your St. Louis home.

The First 3 Things To Fix When Selling Your St. Louis Home

The Doorbell

If people ring your bell to see your house, and it doesn’t work, you’ve made an awful first impression.  Doorbells break more often than you’d think.  Wires get crossed, the exterior button breaks, it happens.  When’s the last time YOU rang your own doorbell?  You may not even know that it’s broken, but if it is, you can lose out on a potential buyer on the porch.

Paint the Town

Your paint job on the house says a lot about how well you have maintained the property.  It’s curb appeal 101.  If you have cracked, crusty paint, or faded, moldy siding, buyers will (rightly!) think that you have not kept up on the house, and will make them think twice about other upkeep you may have neglected.  A fresh coat or a power washing can make it look like new.

Bring Me a Shrubbery

Your landscaping sends a powerful message on what kind of homeowner you are.  If you have dead bushes or trees, if your mulch hasn’t been refreshed in years, you are telling prospective buyers that you don’t care.  It also looks terrible and will turn off prospective buyers.  Your landscaping is the personal grooming of the house.  It’s like not shaving and showering.  It looks sloppy.

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