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Gas or Electric Cook-Tops?

Gas or Electric Cook-Tops – it is a very important consideration

Buyers and Sellers always ask us, is gas or electric cook-tops more popular?  I’d say the majority tell us they’d prefer gas, some won’t even look at homes that don’t have gas cook-tops.  We also have some that insist gas takes longer to cook on compared to electric, which I’m finding to be true…..but maybe now I won’t burn everything.  We just had ours installed and I wasn’t expecting it to be an emotional experience for me.  Our house was quiet this morning and as I turned that burner to hear the clicking, the blue light came on and the gas smell filled the air…..the tears rolled down my face.  I felt like I was right back in my Grandma’s kitchen cooking with her, I can still see her gas cook-top so vividly.  It’s incredible how something so everyday can take you back instantly in time.  My best moments with my Grandma were cooking with her in their kitchen, cooking breakfast for Grandpa or family dinner for over 40+ family members.  I’m so grateful for this cook-top even more so now, I look forward to being able to cook without crying though.

So when you’re trying to decide on if you should purchase gas or electric cook-tops, I’d say gas is most popular at this time.  As we all know, a lot of our memories our made with our families in the kitchen.  It’s a very important room to think about when improving your home.

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