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Home Selling Mistakes To Avoid

Not everyone knows how to sell a house.  (It’s why you call us, right?) It’s imperative to make sure that you do it right, because you want to make sure that you get the best deal for your home. Nobody goes out to sell their house with the intention of losing money.  However, if you break these rules, you could walk away with less money than you want for your house.  If you keep track of these home selling mistakes to avoid, you can get the return you are looking for.


Sellers that limit their open houses limit their offers.  It’s that simple.  Stores have extended hours to get the most money in the door, so you should as well.  If people want to see your house at a reasonable time, you should let them.  Now, if people want to see your house at midnight, or during work hours, that may be a different discussion.  Just be flexible with your schedule.  That leads into number 2…


Don’t let your home get dirty.  It seems simple, but if you are going to be flexible on visits, you have to make sure that the house stays clean.  You don’t want visitors coming in to the sight of your dirty socks, do you?  A clean house is a valuable house.  Don’t lessen the impact of your awesome home by leaving dishes in the sink.

Rule 3: GET OUT

A home tour can already be awkward, don’t make it weirder by hanging around.  Nobody wants to see the current owners lurking around.  Don’t ruin a sale because you can’t let people explore the house.  Just make sure that you have any valuables locked away and nothing private out where people can access it.  Lock up desk drawers and make sure that nobody can get into your personal stuff.  Also, lock down computers and iPads with passwords and turn off the wi-fi to keep people off your network.

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