How should a Seller prepare for a home inspection? – Rick & Tracy Ellis

How should a Seller prepare for a home inspection?

Prepare for a home inspection

Listing agents can help their clients prepare for the best inspection possible by reminding them that a clean and orderly home gives the impression of a well-maintained home.  I always encourage clients to vacuum all of their air return vents, wipe down your hot water heater and furnace.  It would be best if you have the HVAC serviced and cleaned prior to the inspection.  Check plumbing for leaks and examine ceilings for water stains or signs of other water damage.  Some Realtors suggest having a pre-sale inspection thinking this can lead to a smoother transaction and will likely identify issues the buyer’s inspector would uncover, but personally I think you could have 5 different inspectors and each one will find different things.  Have your Realtor do a walk through of your home, most of these items are things Rick and I point out prior to us even listing the home.  If your home is vacant, make sure all the utilities are on and be sure the inspector has clear access to the attic, crawlspaces, heating system and garage.  If you have items against the walls in the basement or garage, move them away so inspector can see all areas easily.  Always remember it’s best for you NOT to be present during the buyers inspections of your home.

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