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Having an Open House? Start Scrubbing

When you open your home up for any guests, you want it to be clean.  Nothing is more embarrassing than having a houseguest find dirt in your home and looking like a lazy slob.  Well, when you hold an open house, the stakes are way higher.  If you think it’s embarrassing to have your friends think you’re gross, imagine having it cost you money?  Well, it will.  People will not pay as much for a dirty house as a clean house.  They will also scrutinize every corner of your home for dirt.  Are you having an open house?  Start scrubbing.

A few cleaning tips for you.  Always clean from the top down.  It does you no good to vacuum and mop and then dust, because you’re just pushing that dirt right back onto the floor.  You’re either re-dirtying your home, or making yourself double work.  Start at the top with fans and lights, using a long brush or duster.  Cleaning up top is a great way to start your cleaning tasks.

When cleaning the light fixtures, remember that the bulbs need to be cleaned as well, because a dirty bulb will only give out 70% of the light and can make your home seem darker.  Just clean them with a dry cloth – spraying bulbs with a cleaning product can make them brittle because of the heat.  You don’t want a bulb exploding on someone who wants to buy your home!

Your furniture is another tough task.  Most pieces will have instructions on how to clean them.  If you have leather furniture, start by using a soft attachment on your vacuum cleaner to clean any debris off of the site and surface clean.  Then, dip a clean microfiber towel in soapy water and clean the leather, wiping it dry with a separate towel.  If you have upholstered furniture, there will be a code on cleaning.  Here’s a little guide.

  • W: Clean with water.
  • WS: Clean with water and dish soap.
  • S: Vacuum and spot-clean only; do not apply water.
  • X: Vacuum only.

Knowing what these mean will help you clean your furniture properly and avoid damaging it.

These tips will help you get started making your house immaculate for the hordes of home shoppers coming to drop giant offers on you.

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