Should a seller have a Pre-listing Inspection? Who should you call?
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Should a seller have a Pre-listing Inspection?

Should a seller have a Pre-listing Inspection?

Who should you call? We suggest 7 Oaks Home Inspections, they are a terrific family owned business. Visit and set up your pre-listing inspection now and here’s why:

In the past I’ve always said not to do this. Why, the buyer almost always has a home inspection and each inspector can find different things during an inspection. After 2016, I’ve changed my mind! I’ve been in the business for almost 20 years and had more buyers walk away after inspections in 2016 than all my other years combined. I think a lot of this comes from the lack of inventory. Buyers feel like they’re settling in some cases and if something very common comes up, it just makes it easier to walk away. Now I feel it’s best and will suggest to our sellers to do a pre-listing inspection and eliminate a lot of these issues before the home even goes on the market. 

When selling your home you should ALWAYS DISCLOSE and be upfront about the condition of your home. If you do a pre-listing inspection it could help to eliminate conditional offers or issues with negotiations as well. It will minimize the liability for both parties. Allows the seller to get the maximum value because it makes the seller aware of any problems or property deficiencies beforehand. This way the seller can opt on whether or not to fix a problem themselves or possibly hire there own contractor. The seller will know what to expect if the buyer decides to hire there own inspector. The Buyer is also more likely to make an offer without an inspection, because one has already been done. Gives the seller peace of mind. Gives a seller a detailed inspection report that can be a strong platform to eliminate the negotiation factor on the buyers end

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