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Prepare Your St. Louis Home For an Open House

Oh, the Open House.  It’s the most important day for your home sale, but it is not a lot of fun.  It’s solid cleaning, repairs, and doing all of the stuff you put off, like cleaning the grout or dusting the fans that you hate doing.  You have to get it done, though.  A clean shower can be the difference between an offer and a hard pass on your home.  Here are a few ways to help you prepare your St. Louis home for an open house.

Prepare Your St. Louis Home For an Open House

Get Rid Of the Smells

Do you have pets?  Do you cook with onions a lot?  Get rid of those smells with baking soda and professional carpet cleaning.  Give your dogs a bath to make sure that they aren’t rubbing their gross smell on your furniture or carpets.  Get neutral air fresheners.  Think of the fridge – get baking soda and charcoal – they remove and balance out bad smells.

Fancy Up the Place

If you want people to look at your house as an upscale, new, great home, they need the indicators.  It doesn’t take a full overhaul.  Leaving your old dish towels and rugs out can make the place seem run down.  Replace them and look at how new the place looks!

Neutralize the House

We know that you love your kids, but the pictures have to go.  Make the home look like a display home so that they can determine how THEIR family will look in the house.  Don’t leave your personalized initials hanging on the wall.  Let people coming for an open house see the house without your personal flourishes.

Fix Everything

The dripping faucet, the burnt out light, the squeaky step, the unstained deck.  These are all things that will keep a shopper from being a buyer.  Put your best foot forward and get your house in order.  If you aren’t mechanically inclined, pay people who are.  You’ll be happy when you do.

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