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Questions to Ask When Buying a St. Louis Home

When you’re buying a home it’s absolutely vital to know everything about the house.  The best way to know is to ask the experts, and nobody knows more about their home than the current owners!  Here are some questions to ask when buying a St. Louis home.

  1. What quirks are there?

While inspectors will tell you about the home, including the problems with the heating and a/c, foundation, windows, doors, etc., the homeowners can tell you about the weird stuff.  The windows that won’t stay open, the vents that their kids melted crayons in, the light fixtures where the bulbs blow out unexpectedly, or any other problems.  When thinking of questions to ask when buying a St. Louis home, think of things that can go wrong.

  1. What have you fixed in the house?

While they are required to tell you current problems with the house, they may not disclose older problems that they have fixed.  Water damage can be “fixed” but lead to further problems.  Even after repairs, many household calamities can be patched over and forgotten, but can cause you problems afterward.

  1. How do I turn off utilities for repairs?

You’ll have to shut the water or power off to make a repair at some point.  There’s never been a home that didn’t require work, and shutting off the water or power is a necessary first step to making those repairs.  Some older homes may have them in crazy places, so asking the current owners about the location is an easy fix.

  1. Is the neighborhood good?

Is it a nice neighborhood?  Will your kids be able to play?  How is traffic?  Are there loud neighbors?  Does the guy with the pool let you in?  Find out about the neighborhood from someone who has lived there.  If the house behind you never mows his lawn, or the guy across the street has a Dad Band that practices every weekend, that’s not a lot of fun to deal with.

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