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Real Estate Tips from Tracy Ellis

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While the housing market improves and discretionary spending increases, we will see this growth continue.  The trends in the furniture industry are always changing due to consumer preferences and lifestyle changes.

With more and more people working from home since the financial crisis in 2008-2009, the home office furniture demand has grown.  We are also now noticing more and more builders are implementing built in work stations into the design of their homes.  It’s becoming more popular to have a work space off the kitchen with plenty of cabinet space for storage along with plenty of places to hide all of the wires that have taken over our homes.  Of course there are still many who enjoy their office furniture with built in hutches and their desk on display when you enter the home.  One thing is for sure, with the rapid growth in technology, more people working from home…..this is an area where furniture will always be needed.


The demand for having unique furniture has also grown…….

As the economy has grown, more consumers are willing to buy luxury items for their living and work environments.  I’m starting to see home owners feel more comfortable with making large purchases again and really wanting to spend the money on improving their home.  One of the most popular trends I’ve noticed lately, so many consumers are having their existing furniture refinished.  The more traditional furniture in the dark cherry woods are getting a complete overhaul with vanilla antiques finish or an espresso black finish.  You can even work with your designer to customize the paint color and add beautiful stamped patterns to your table tops.  I also see a lot of customization happening of monogrammed letters on chairs and even fireplace mantels.  A terrific company to look to that can truly make your home stand out from the rest is Nettie White Interiors, they’re incredible.  I personally just used them for a complete home makeover, I know the value of our home has increased significantly because there won’t be another kitchen like it in my neighborhood.  You must visit if you’d like to have your kitchen islands or even cabinets look like a custom piece of furniture with the most beautiful paints and patterns I’ve ever seen.

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