Reasons Buyers Walk, There may be times home sellers try hide problems

Some Reasons Buyers Walk Away

Some Reasons Buyers Walk Away Can Be Dishonesty or Non-disclosure by Sellers!

Some Reasons Buyers Walk Away… – There may be times home sellers try to hide problems by covering or obstructing them. This isn’t a good idea because it always comes out at some point! It’s always better to DISCLOSE, DISCLOSE, DISCLOSE! Did I mention you should ALWAYS DISCLOSE? At times a seller may use rugs or furnishings to hide damage floors, always look under all rugs when possible. Pay close attention to shelves and  boxes piled in the basement and do your best to look behind them for foundation issues. Most sellers will DISCLOSE everything and to be honest there are many times they simply forget about past repairs or damage.

While showing homes there are times I observe patches or touchup paint on ceilings and walls where there have been leaks or cracks, though no problems related to leaks or cracks were disclosed to the buyers on disclosure. Always inquire about those prior to writing an offer. Problems related to water leaks or cracking / settlement are supposed to be disclosed to a homebuyer even if they’ve been repaired. Homebuyers get scared when they discover attempts to conceal problems that should have been described in the “disclosure statement” by home sellers. It can create doubt, so be upfront and try to remember as much as you can when completing the sellers disclosure. When we list a property we ask for information related to past problems or anything we visually notice during our initial walk through. Rick and I are very clear when we notice things they need to be added to disclosure, a seller may not even realize certain things should be disclosed. As Realtors we do our best to educate our clients to make it a smooth transaction for everyone involved.  

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