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The roller coaster ride of real estate!

The roller coaster ride of real estate!

Yesterday was the worst day in my career in almost 20 years in real estate. I don’t want to give it anymore of my energy except to say I lost over $6,000,000 in contracts in a day due to inspections and loan issues. Obviously the pay check would’ve been nice, but that’s not what was so disappointing. We take it so personal, our clients are like family. To deliver that kind of news to your clients is the absolute worst feeling in the world, I wonder sometimes if I take it worse than they do. I know we will get them sold again, but it’s such an emotional roller coaster for all involved.

The TV shows make it look so simple, trust me it’s not. I can’t even begin to tell you the stress and emotions you go through on a daily basis! We all know the stress when you’re dealing with selling 1 home, imagine dealing with 30-40 at one time! We love our job and the good definitely out weighs the bad, but the reason I love it the most is the people. Last night at my last meeting with delivering devastating news my sweet clients closed it with all of our hands held with the most beautiful prayer I think I’ve ever heard. That’s why we do what we do, to help people, to make a difference in their life and do the best we can during the ups and downs.

After everyone went to bed last night I sat in the dark until 2 am looking at this beautiful ceramic tree my Grandma made for us years ago. I had to try to put my mind at rest and come to terms with what took place and get in a positive mind set. I’m happy to say that by 10:30 AM we are working on 5 different contracts on different properties and 2 new listings which is awesome, but I won’t be happy until I get all of them sold for all of our clients! We care deeply about all of you and I just want you to know we take this awesome trust and responsibility you give us with your largest investment very seriously. When you see and hear your clients stories, it’s so hard to not carry their struggles with you as well. Last night I came to terms with the fact I have to let it go and trust that God always has the perfect plan. I know that I have no control over others, only my actions. Sometimes that’s not easy for a control freak to accept? We will continue to work hard for our clients as long as they allow us to, we are very blessed!

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