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Secret To Do List For Selling Your Home

Everybody will give you a list of what to do when you’re selling your house.  They won’t tell you some of these secrets, straight from the realtor’s bag of tricks that we’ve developed over the years.  Here’s the secret to do list for selling your home.

Google it!

Google your address.  Make sure that the pictures aren’t terrible.  We’ve had homes where the last pictures taken for street view or other listings were during construction, or after the home had been damaged.  Needless to say, that’s not the best look for a prospective buyer, and we can guarantee that they will Google the address.  It will also give you information about the home’s estimated worth, and amenities, although these may not be correct if you have made improvements to the home.  Being aware of the listing can help you know what a potential buyer could ask about.

Keep a List of Improvements

Keep a running spreadsheet with receipts of what repairs and problems you have worked on in the home.  While disclosing this is important when selling the home to avoid lawsuits, it’s also vital to the sale to make sure that the new buyer knows that they are getting a home with problems solved.  If you have had chimney fires, flooding, foundation issues, mold, or whatever, makes sure to list it.

Know what you AREN’T selling.

Nobody wants to fall in love with a home and find out that the built-in TV in the basement is staying, or that you are taking the chandelier with you.  Make a list of what you will not include in the sale up front, or remove the items before showing the home.  Don’t lead on buyers as to what they will get in the sale.

Secret To Do List For Selling Your Home

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