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Things to consider when purchasing a new home

Buying a new home is a tough decision

What do buyers look for when trying to decide on location? These are even more important for buyers relocating to our area!

Distance to work and school…….

One thing a lot of buyers consider is how they’ll navigate in their new surroundings. If they travel frequently for business, airport proximity is important. Rick & I always encourage our buyers to calculate the distance of the commute from the neighborhood in question. We also suggest doing the drive at different times of the day along with different days of the week. Will the drive be something you can see yourself doing everyday? A lot of parents may decide to have their children attend private schools and may need to drive them to and from school daily. In some locations, you can very easily find other parents that are more than willing to take turns with car pooling the kids to school. Have your Realtor look into this as an option as well if that could make a difference in a home you’re considering. Of course, you need to check out the schools your children will attend thoroughly. I actually suggest to our clients to be walking in the neighborhood they’re considering around the time kids are getting on or off the bus. That is the perfect time for parents to be outside waiting for their children and they’re usually happy to answer questions for a potential new neighbor. By speaking with other parents, you’ll get firsthand information on the school’s quality.

Proximity to businesses the buyers frequent….
We encourage Buyers when considering a home to drive around the area, think about businesses you’ll be frequenting, such as a bank, grocery, pharmacy, and retail shops. Make sure they’re a reasonable distance from the home you’re considering. The same thing I hear most clients talk about is their importance of time, so these are all things that need to be thought of when selecting your next home.

Entertainment and Activities in the area…..If you enjoy art, theater, or music, this is something to consider as well. Do you like to frequent restaurants? If these are high on your wish list, how close are they to the home you’re considering? If you must travel to do the things you love, factor in the time and cost when making a decision on location.

In St. Louis we are very lucky to have many forms of free entertainment, such as parks, museums, and libraries. If you attend a lot of sports enthusiast, assess the distance to athletic arenas.

How do neighbors maintain their homes?

Drive through the streets of a potential neighborhood and look for any issues with maintenance of other homes. Some things to look for might be littered streets, mold build up on siding, peeling paint or unkept lawns. In some subdivisions I notice a lot of vehicles parked in the streets. Is this something that bothers you while just going to look at the home? If so, this is something to keep in mind as well. Do you have kids? Are there children playing outside or  neighbors interacting? If you see a neighbor outside, feel free to ask them about their experience living there.

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