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Things to Avoid When Selling Your St. Louis Home

There’s a LOT to do when you’re selling your home.  You have to fix anything that’s broken, keep the place clean all of the time, and make sure that the house is at its most valuable to maximize the sale.  However, some homeowners make some dumb mistakes during the process.  Some things to avoid when selling your St. Louis home include:

Shooting too high

Homeowners looking to sell their home will sometimes overvalue their home, particularly if they have a fondness for the place.  Then, they compound the mistake by refusing to budge on the price.  Just because it’s a seller’s market doesn’t mean that the house is going to sell right away for whatever price you want.  You have to be realistic.  If your neighbor’s house sells for one price, but is nicer than yours, you may not get as much in the sale.

Skimping on the cleaning

Come on guys, you know that a dirty house won’t sell.  If you don’t clean up the place, you show potential buyers that you don’t care.  That means that the upkeep could be shoddy, or you could have made slapdash repairs, lowering the value.  The cleanliness of the house is a direct reflection on its quality and is the first impression they see.  Selling your St. Louis home is harer when your house is a mess.

Not walking the dog

An open house is not, in any way, a place for a dog.  From the dog getting excited and making a mess, or biting someone, or just showing them that you HAD a dog in case of allergies, there’s nothing good that comes from a pet hanging around an open house.  Drop Fido off at the groomer or boarder or let your friends and family keep an eye on them.  Having a pet in the house during an open house is asking for trouble.

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