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Is the Town I Buy a Home In Growing or Declining?

Real estate agents are the people with their ears on the ground in your community when you buy a home.  We are charges with knowing everything there is to know about an area, and we can tell you about the growth and decline of a neighborhood better than almost anyone.  We not only see the neighborhoods change, but we see the trends that cause them.  That’s why a realtor should always be asked: is the town I buy a home in growing or declining?

Areas can turn from a swamp to a mall to a residential area in a few years, and your agent can be your guide to what’s happening.  If we see a neighborhood that is declining, we can and will help you see why, whether there is a chance for a rebound, and help you buy a home in a better area.  We can likewise find you a spot in an up-and-coming neighborhood, before they get hip.

When examining a neighborhood for growth potential, we check factors such as: street maintenance, neighborhood activity and community, small businesses in the area, and foot traffic.  These help us measure if people are moving into a vital neighborhood and creating a community, or fleeing a sinking ship.  We can tell you if buying a home is a good investment by doing the legwork and investigating what is around the area.

A great real estate agent is intimately familiar with the neighborhoods that they service, and will tell you the ins and outs of living there.  That is an invaluable resource that will make a big difference in the bottom line when buying your home.

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