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What Are You Home Shopping For?

Every home shopper has their needs.  They look for a home that scratches that itch, or gives them what they want.  Before you start shopping, make a list of what you want.  What home are you shopping for?  You should know before you fall in love with something impractical.  If you look at these factors, you should be able to determine the answer to “What are you home shopping for?”


I mean, you have to know what you can afford.  You can use all of the calculators online that you want, but the best way is to get pre-approved for a mortgage and find out what you can get a loan for, then apply that to your budget and other bills.  You wouldn’t go to the store if you didn’t think you had the money, so why are you home shopping without knowing?

Housing type

Ranch, split-level, 2-story, how many bedrooms, finished basement, pool, backyard, trees, etc.  Know what you want when you’re home shopping.

Neighborhood and Schools

If you have kids, you need to know what school district you are buying into.  You don’t want to have your kids going to a different school than their friends, or going to a lower-quality school.  You probably don’t want to have to move to get them into the right school, either.  Know the schools before you move.  Same goes for the neighborhood.  Take a drive around, get a feel for the area.  Is there activity, and is it good or bad?  Is it a neighborhood BBQ type, or does everyone keep to themselves, and what are you looking for?

Your family may have some ideas, too

  • Yard to play ball in or just enough to put in a hammock?
    • Garage big enough for a workshop or just parking on the street?
    • Want a pool or just to head to someone else’s?
    • How are the views?
    • Like to hang out inside in a great room or outside on a patio or deck?
    • Finished basement, man-cave, guest rooms?

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