What is a Home? Having my own luxury real estate magazine over 2 years
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What is a Home?

What is a Home?

What is a Home?  Having my own luxury real estate magazine for over 2 years and being a Realtor for almost 20 years, I’ve been in some amazing homes. This was my Grandma & Grandpas home in Arkansas, the most beautiful home I’ve ever seen. I spoke on our radio show today about my Grandma & Grandpa and our homes being where the best memories are made. This was definitely it for me, the love I felt from the moment I pulled in their driveway is indescribable! During get togethers and holidays it was nothing for there to be 60+ people in their home 1,000 sq/ft home and we all loved it. Do you see all the angels all over the yard? My Grandma loved her Angels and now she’s an angel in Heaven. After someone stole a couple of her precious Angels that adorned her lawn, my Grandparents made sure they’d never take another one. They set them in concrete!

When I left their home for the last time, the only home I ever knew Grandma & Grandpa in, I knew it would be the last time I’d ever be in that beautiful home. My best and favorite memories were made as a child in that 1,000 sq/ft home, how incredibly blessed we all were to have that special kind of love while together in their home. That’s one reason why I love real estate and homes b/c I know it doesn’t matter if it’s a $40,000 home or a $4,000,000 home. The memories made there are priceless! I’m so grateful to play a small role in helping our clients have the dream of home ownership. My Grandpa, Dad, Uncles & Cousins have all built some pretty amazing homes, but this one will always be the most beautiful in my eyes! Thank you Grandma & Grandpa for all the incredible memories, I know you’ll save us all a special place in Heaven.

So during this holiday season, look around your home and what’s happening in it. Take it all in and cherish every moment and memory you’re making together with your loved ones. In the end, those are the things we’ll remember, not the home, we make the house a home. Merry Christmas to everyone!

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