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Safely Show Your Home In St Louis

Home sales can hinge on the availability of home showings.  A thorough inspection and tour can help make the difference between a sale and a home left on the market.  However, people have made a lot of mistakes when showing their home that can be easily remedied.  Here are tips on how to safely show your home in St Louis.

  1. Store The Valuables Before You Safely Show Your Home In St Louis

People, strangers are going to be wandering through your house.  Leaving jewelry, small electronics, or other valuable items is a terrible idea.  Store all of your valuables in a safe or storage space away from prying eyes and grasping paws.

  1. Your Identity is at Risk Too When You Safely Show Your Home In St Louis

People will read your mail, and they’ll leave your emails if you leave your computer open.  They will go through your stuff if they can.  Lock down your computer, put away the bills, and don’t leave anything with a password on it lying around.

  1. Strength in Numbers When You Safely Show Your Home In St Louis

Don’t be afraid to tell people they can’t come in if you’re alone.  If someone claims to be an agent, tell them to setup the viewing through your agent and they cannot come in until then.  Anyone can attack you, so don’t do this alone.  We’re here to help you and protect you.  Tell them we told you that you can’t show the home without us.

  1. Lock It Up When You Safely Show Your Home In St Louis

Even though you are letting people walk your home, lock it up anyway.  The realtor can get in with the lockbox key, but you don’t want to let any random person wander in.  People look for empty or for-sale homes and try to get in, assuming that they will be unoccupied and easy pickings.  Just lock up and avoid the trouble.

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